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Chris Behrend is a multi-purpose computer technology professional and a small business entrepreneur. From a very early age, Mr Behrend has been passionate about technology and it's ability to empower the world and push us all forward. Over the years his intuition was evident as each new computer or technology was released. His mastery of these technologies quickly propelled him to a level of expertise that was both widely recognized and respected by clients and educators throughout his teenage years.

Mr. Behrend founded Jack of All Trades Computer Services during his high school junior year in 1997. Since then, JOAT CS has grown into a professional, experienced small computer business that can service a wide variety of needs for both individual clients and/or small businesses. Primarily self-taught, Chris has advanced his own computer skills beyond the traditional approach and has expanded into multiple venues. He capitalizes on the integration of all technologies into a more streamlined approach towards his client's needs.

Chris graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2003 with a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts, majoring in Specialized Studies and completed an internship in 2002 through Squeaky Wheel; a grassroots, artist-run, non-profit media arts center in Buffalo, NY.

JOAT CS has worked for a number of small businesses in the Buffalo area including LANDIES CANDIES, SAY YES FOR BUFFALO, GARVEY AND GARVEY LAW FIRM, MARY VALE TEACHERS CENTER, NIAGARA LABEL, and O'CONNELL'S CLOTHING to name a few.

Chris has over twenty years experience on Apple's Mac OS platform and considered by most to be a Mac specialist with the hardware and software that powers it. He also works on the Windows platform and offers the service of building customized PCs for residential and small business clients alike. He finds it a rewarding challenge to research and discover the best possible prices for computer hardware, assembling a built to order machine that will serve it's user's needs best.

From software to hardware, Chris prides himself on mastering the art of system maintenance, installation and repair. He possesses the drive and patience to conquer whatever technological issue may come along and addressing them no matter how big or small. As the world of technology changes, Jack of All Trades Computer Services is there to change with you. Advanced simplicity is the name of the game.

Chris will gladly provide references upon request.